Children’s Riding Lessons

Children's Riding Lessons

Group lessons are the best way for children to learn how to ride safely and competently. We provide a safe environment for your child to learn in, along with experienced and qualified instructors who have a natural empathy with children. With no more than six riders in each group and the same instructor every week, your child will make huge progress and become a skilled and confident rider.

Children can start to learn to ride as soon as they can sit up on their own! We would recommend our Woodland Walks for toddlers and pre-schoolers so they can experience the joy of horse riding and our group lessons are from 4 years of age. Aside from being lots of fun, horse riding helps children develop social skills, builds responsibility and promotes fitness and emotional wellbeing.

Our child group lessons are graded from level 1 – 8 so that your child continues to progress and has something to work towards. Once a level is completed your child is awarded with a gorgeous rosette and certificate to congratulate them for all of their hard work.

It all starts with an introductory ride, where we will assess your child’s skills and find a suitable pony for them to start on.

Find out more and book your child’s introductory session by giving us a call today.

School Holidays & Weekends

We offer a packed programme for beginners through to advanced riders during school holidays and weekends. Choose from Activity Days, Pony Owning Days and Riding Camps throughout the year.

Home Schooled Children

Home schooled children of all ages are most welcome to learn to ride with us at any time.  We can also provide bespoke arrangements for either private, semi-private or group lessons, including stable management sessions, during school-term weekdays.

If you would care to know more please do get in touch with our office using and we will get straight back to you.

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