Getting Back In The Saddle Part 5

When I was younger I thought the bigger the horse, the higher the jump, the faster the pace, was better, every time. There’s a lot to be said about learning as a child: you have few inhibitions about throwing yourself into something with gay abandon, your fear levels are pretty low and, in general, you… Read more

Getting Back In The Saddle Part 4

This week found me jumping for joy, literally and figuratively. My sense of excitement and anticipation increases each week and begins with my journey through the West Sussex countryside to the horse riding school in Lavant, north of Chichester. I’ve built quite the rapport with the Popcorn the pretty palomino, so my coach decided he’d… Read more

Getting Back In The Saddle Part 3

Halfway through my return to riding programme I’m already plotting how I’ll make horse riding a regular thing once I’ve completed the twelve lessons. Understandably, some people can be reluctant to commit to lessons ad infinitum, however scheduling a dozen is very doable as a starting point to test the water. I needed to rearrange… Read more

Getting Back In The Saddle Part 2

When everything aligns, there’s an alchemy like nothing else between a horse and its rider. I had a few flashes of it in this week’s lesson, and it feels good. Team work makes for good horsemanship; the art of riding, handling, and training horses. As I ease myself back in to the equestrian world, I’ve… Read more

Getting Back in The Saddle

I’m not sure what’s worse as an adult, being a complete beginner, or returning to something you used to be good at after a long hiatus. More than twenty years have passed since the carefree days I had playing ponies in my youth. Bar the very occasional trek on holiday, I’ve not ridden at all…. Read more


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