Donkey Diary – So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen… EeeOORE!

Dear Donkey Diary, This is more of a postcard than a diary entry because as you may have noticed – I have moved! Its all fun and games stuffing your face 24/7, but as it turned out, the free-range life didn’t suit me so well after all. I’ve been told by the yard staff that… Read more

Who let the dogs out? – Team Blog

Last November when one of my RDA riders asked whether I’d accompany her to a lesson at Lavant for some moral support I thought nothing of it. Having spent my teenage years at the school next door, where I rode at lunchtime (occasionally too when I should have been in A-level Chemistry) and with my… Read more

Helena’s Canadian Adventure – Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of my International Exchange Write Up. In this instalment I’ll be covering the actual competition. Saturday 7th dawned bright and early. Miraculously I managed to actually eat breakfast, before we started the Written Test. 2.5 hours in exam condition answering questions like the 7 below, was certainly an interesting experience! Sink… Read more

Clare’s Pony Diary – One Big Change!

When I wrote my last diary in July I was looking forward to an action-packed summer of hacks, competitions and general horsey fun with Storm. I wasn’t far off – it’s certainly been a very exciting summer – but there has been one big change! I have indeed spent the summer getting up to all… Read more

Helena’s Canadian Adventure – Part 1

Well, I’m back from Canada and am completely knackered and jet lagged! Apologies for having not posted in a long while, the run up to go to Canada was a flurry of revision, packing and skipping around in general excitement! I thought I’d split the final report over a couple of posts, as there is… Read more


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