Cancellations and re-booking

Cancellations and re-booking

It is much appreciated if customers can provide as much notice as possible of cancellations in order to accommodate other customers on the wait list and minimise disruption to staff, horses and ponies. Also for the sake of the horse or pony who will be brought in and prepared for you, please always let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to make any session – even if this has to be at the last minute.

As horse riding is an outdoor activity we continue in all weathers. During extreme weather conditions when it may be unsafe or uncomfortable to ride outside we supply on-the-ground horse knowledge and care sessions which are part of each rider’s training development programme with us.

Please note a minimum of a full 24 hours notice period is required to enable transfer of a lesson or hack reservation and 2 weeks notice is necessary to cancel and transfer an all-day activity. If appropriate notice is not provided, cancellation will occur without transfer.
All bookings can only be transferred the once and have to be rebooked within a maximum period of three months if not to be forfeited. Please note bookings can only be transferred to another session of identical type and at the same or lower level of rider ability (if a group slot) and these replacement sessions are unlikely to be provided by your usual instructor.

Refunds are not possible other than in extenuating circumstances.

Specific to Membership

We appreciate it is not always possible for our members to attend every lesson, which is why there is a healthy 30% discount against non-member prices, or you can think of this as comparable to missing 19 lessons a year—however we most certainly don’t want you to miss so many as progress will be frustratingly slow.
Please do give careful thought to the day and time that will suit you as being convenient in the long term or advise us as soon as you know this may not be, so we can help you find alternatives that may be better suited to your new schedule.

We strongly recommend that children new to riding do not request replacement lessons as it is statistically proven these children are far more likely to fall off.

Please note it is not possible to refund, accrue or offset the value of missed lessons against another service. Nor can membership be transferred to another person.

If you need to permanently cancel your membership please provide four weeks notice in writing, email is fine.  Lavant Equestrian reserves the right to refuse or cancel individual membership at any time.


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