Cancellation Process

Cancellation Process


We ask all Members to let us know if unable to attend, even if at the last minute, to prevent your tacked-up horse waiting around unnecessarily.

Group Members – cannot request replacement sessions.

Private Members – can request a replacement for a missed session providing a minimum of 36 hours notice is provided.  Please be aware that replacement sessions are not guaranteed and if a convenient slot does not become available within a maximum of a 4-week period after the missed session, the lesson will be forfeit.  Replacement sessions may only be booked the once and cannot be accrued, refunded or used against an alternative service.


Membership can only be cancelled by providing 4 weeks notice in writing.  No verbal request to cancel membership will be accepted or processed.

Lavant Equestrian LLP is an independent company and as such is entitled to refuse or cancel a membership without providing a reason for doing so.



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