Donkey Diary: Donkey Training!

Dear Donkey Diary, Howdy!  Friday here – I am the newest and coolest donkey on the yard, if I do say so myself. Before Two-Stroke passed away he entrusted me with the important job of continuing to write his donkey diary. We can’t let all of our mischief go undocumented, and unfortunately (as you may… Read more

Helena’s International Exchange – The Selection Process…

Hello, and welcome to my International Exchange blog I’m going to be putting up once a month. For those of you who don’t know who I am (which is probably most people) my name is Helena and I have been a member of the Lavant Equestrian Pony Club Centre since 2005. I started riding at… Read more

Clare’s Pony Diary: Competition success!

As ever, life with Storm has been eventful! Most of it planned, some of it not so much… Storm’s unexpected and complete coordination failure resulting in him falling over his front feet, landing on his head and dumping me alongside! Gemma, who had witnessed my unceremonious fall, sternly turned round and in no uncertain terms… Read more

Donkey Diary: An unexpected arrival!

Dear donkey diary, I have been feeling so much better since I last wrote! I have been getting loads of attention it has been great! Now it is so cold I have my very own duvet at night that Mills straps to me so I am all snug and cosy AND, to top it off, I… Read more

Clare’s Pony Diary: We finally did it!

Clare's pony diary

Wow -what an exciting end to the year – and we finally did it! Our first proper competitions off-site are finally under our belt. First adventure was a dressage competition at Boxgrove, with Storm’s good friend Churchill and Louise. Louise had kindly offered to drive the trailer, and it should have been a nice quick… Read more

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