Todd is also a perfect lower level pony. Cute as a button, easy to ride (needs a bit of leg) and handle and good at jumping. He prefers not to be in the lead and would rather follow behind another pony,  however if asked to go forward or in front of the others by a more confident rider then he will get on with it and do the job well. Like Dinky he doesn’t like wearing a rug. He loves apple bobbing, as many cuddles as possible,  and a good scratch from one of his many friends in the field. Good to box, shoe, clip, hack etc.

Please note: Todd is only for loan if to remain at Lavant Equestrian.

Info Details
Status Riding School/For Loan (For loan to suitable member of Lavant Equestrian and to remain on site only)
Height 11hh
YOB 1997
Gender Gelding
Colour Strawberry Roan
Breed Welsh Section B

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