Squeak is the perfect level 1 pony; he goes near the back of the ride as he can be a bit grumpy. He needs quite a bit of encouragement to get going so is great for the nervous kids. He recently won a show jumping competition, so it just goes to show that he has got it in him! He doesn’t like his girth being done up and can pull grumpy faces but that’s it, nothing serious! He is comfortable and knows his job. He loves food like the rest of the ponies and is good friends with Todd. He is good to box, shoe, clip and hack. He also has the coolest mane that sticks up like a Mohican.

Please note: Squeak is only available for loan if to remain at Lavant Equestrian.

Info Details
Status Riding School/For Loan
Height 11.2 hh
YOB 1999
Gender Gelding
Colour Grey
Breed Welsh Section B Type

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