Livery: 3 Day Cross Country Clinic

Livery: 3 Day Cross Country Clinic

3 Day Cross Country Clinic: with Amelia Thomson – Event rider: BHAI stage IV and UKCC Level 2 Accredited Coach

Join us for three days of learning about how to become a better cross country rider

Aug 23: Day 1 – “Rider Skill” cross country position; put into practice initially in the field and then riding out over the South Downs.

Aug 24: Day 2 – “Horse Skill” improving cross country skills on site

Aug 25:Day 3 – “Putting it all together” – visit Tweseldown Cross Country Course

Liveries to organise their own transport to Tweseldown Cross Country Course, Fleet, Hampshire GU52 8AD

Livery: £120 + XC hire fee ( approx £30 ) includes livery discount. All handling by owner

For further information tel: 01243 530460 email:


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