Dressage Clinic – 3 day

Dressage Clinic – 3 day

3 day Dressage Clinic: With Gemma Bowles BHSA/Stage IV.

Join us for three days of learning about how to becme a better dressage rider.

Day 1: Improving the rider seat, including work on the lunge

Day 2: Application of the aids. Understanding the rules of aiding and how to improve you co-ordination skills

Day 3: Putting it all together, so you become a better rider with greater influence over your horse’s way of going

There will be 2 riding sessions per day, including theory, demonstrations and an in-house dressage competition on the final day.

LHS Members: £205 Non-Members: £250

For more information or to book tel: 01243 530460 email: riding@lhstables.co.uk

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