Donkey Diary

Donkey Diary – So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen… EeeOORE!

Dear Donkey Diary, This is more of a postcard than a diary entry because as you may have noticed – I have moved! Its all fun and games stuffing your face 24/7, but as it turned out, the free-range life didn’t suit me so well after all. I’ve been told by the yard staff that… Read more

Donkey Diary: Picnics, playing dead, and gardening!

Dear Donkey Diary, Thank you if you came to our open mornings in the last two months! These are special days where you can come especially to see us! If you can get all of the horses to mind out of the way, that is. We would like to issue a formal apology if you didn’t get to… Read more

Donkey Diary: Donkey Training!

Dear Donkey Diary, Howdy!  Friday here – I am the newest and coolest donkey on the yard, if I do say so myself. Before Two-Stroke passed away he entrusted me with the important job of continuing to write his donkey diary. We can’t let all of our mischief go undocumented, and unfortunately (as you may… Read more

Donkey Diary: An unexpected arrival!

Dear donkey diary, I have been feeling so much better since I last wrote! I have been getting loads of attention it has been great! Now it is so cold I have my very own duvet at night that Mills straps to me so I am all snug and cosy AND, to top it off, I… Read more

Donkey Diary: Guess what I’m still alive!

donkey diary

Two-Stroke’s life flashes before his eyes! Guess what? I’m alive! And, yes, that does come as a surprise to anyone who saw me on Friday! When I woke up in the morning I did feel a little peculiar. I was hobbling along to the office to tell them I would be taking a sick day… Read more


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