Unicorns Mini Camp – FULLY BOOKED

From to 24/07/2020 @ 10am - 4pm


Yay, unicorns! Turn your pony into a awesome unicorn for this mini summer camp, discover how to look after him/her, ride twice each day and enjoy lots of practical theory.

Our Mini Camps are perfect for little people, come and join us for three days of fun! Enjoy two riding sessions each day and lots of fun hands on theory sessions. Perfect for levels 1-3. Members and non-members are welcome, the day starts at 10am where you will find out what pony you are riding for the three days then you will have exciting day of learning how to care for your pony as well as riding and theory sessions. Each day will encourage progression, team work and learning all whilst having huge amounts of fun! Bring a pack lunch, a drink and suitable clothes. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us: riding@lhstables.co.uk

Bookings for this event can be done online below, or by calling the office on 01243 530460.

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