Lavant Equestrian Services, can provide more “YOU” time. Let us take care of your horse.

Our unique Livery Package have been based on listening to what our riders need and want from a livery service, something that gives just that bit more than traditional liveries.

If you would like to own your own horse, without the cost of buying one – loan/own one of ours! Horse and Pony Loan Schemes

Our “loan” schemes let you own one of our fantastic ponies or horses, without the up front costs of horse or pony purchase. There are a variety of livery, and part or full share loan schemes for adults and children.

Pony Pals is perfect for children looking for half or full loan of one of our wonderful ponies

Perfect Partners a horse-loaning scheme for adults, for half or full loan of a horse or pony

For full information of our horse and pony loan schemes, prices and terms see here.

Pony Pals and Perfect Partners are very popular loan schemes.

For which HORSES & PONIES are available for loan, see here.


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