“Tiny” is rather a misnomer as he is anything but.  Beautifully proportioned, with paces to match, he is an ideal Heavyweight Hunter, however we have him with us for a different purpose and his size will prove very useful for us.

Bought from Ireland, he stood out magnificently from all of the other hundreds of horses that attended the sales.  He may be a big boy but he wouldn’t hurt a fly, and the small female riding him gave testament to how well she had produced him, for such a large horse to move so easily under such a small rider, light in the rein and just a snaffle bit.

This kind and gentle giant of a horse has obviously been lovingly and slowly produced and whilst he has already been placed 1st and 2nd in Show Hunter classes in Ireland he needs to continue to be thoughtfully and slowly produced in view of his size and willingness to please.

Info Details
Height 18hh
YOB 2013
Gender Gelding
Colour Bright Bay
Breed Irish Sports Horse
Owner Lavant Equestrian
Price £8,500

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