Q is a seriously odd-looking horse. He is built like a Thoroughbred but has this enormous head with two horns on the front (we kid you not) and is weirdly marked with his three splodges of colour, brown, black and white. He was actually bought for the riding school originally, as being spotted as quiet and well-behaved at Goresbridge Sales in Ireland showing short strides and an unassuming jump – all useful attributes in a riding school horse. We got him home, and well – if he wasn’t so odd looking we would have sworn they had sent us the wrong horse.

Slapping him on the lunge pre riding for the first time at Lavant he displayed the huge, scopey paces of a well-bred competition horse – which we discovered he was, once we dug into his heritage. So his riding school plans were immediately shelved and into the eventing genre instead he found himself, which was probably just as well as he is not the easiest horse to ride with all his huge movement in a weak, underdeveloped frame. A top eventing trainer has informed us that Q had 4* potential, so fingers crossed.

Q is a needy individual who has to be with another horse at all times other than when he competes (which is just as well). He absolutely adores his field mate Kevin which unfortunately is not reciprocated and Q is often sporting war wounds as a result of Kevin becoming tired of his clinginess.

Q and Amelia won Hambledon Horse Trials 2016, pushing all the top professional riders into the following top five places.  Not bad for such an odd-looking horse that was originally bought for the riding school!

Info Details
Status Staff Horse
Height 16.3 hh
YOB 2008
Gender Gelding
Colour Tricolour
Breed Irish Sport Horse by Apache Gold out of It Appeals to Me
Owner Lavant Equestrian

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