Boots is a very smart, handsome, well-moving horse. He is suitable for the more advanced rider, but will look after your Level 7 just as well.

A BHS Stage IV jumping and flat horse, Boots has been produced to advanced medium level dressage (such as leg yield, shoulder in, half-pass, etc) and with his previous owner competed to a decent standard in British Eventing.

However, as he has grown older Boots has become more and more agoraphobic wanting to only be ridden in arenas, and definitely to only stay at home.  He is terrified when ridden in a field (even though he lives in one!), hacked out or taken off site for competitions, so we just don’t ask this of him, and this keeps Boots very happy.

Info Details
Status Riding School/Working Livery
Height 16 hh

YOB 2000
Gender Gelding
Colour Chestnut (with flaxen mane and tail)

Breed Warmblood x Welsh Section D
Owner Jo Mills & Lavant Equestrian

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