Pony Club: Equitation Competition + Adult Section

Pony Club: Equitation Competition + Adult Section

Pony Club: Equitation Competition with Open Adult Secton.

This is the third and final competition in the Pony Club Centre League Series to be held during 2016 for level 4 riders and above. The competition today is all about equitation -firstly you will be marked on your riding position andcontrol during a set test on the flat in the morning and then you will be judged on your riding position and skill jumping nine obstacles in the afternoon. The competitor with the highest combined score wins.

Please choose from one of the three classes below, do ask for a copy of the equitation test for your section at the time of making your reservation. The ponies will be available from 9 a.m and there will a minimum of one hour to prepare your pony for the competition. There will be a special rosette awarded to the best turned out pony and rider. Rosettes are otherwise awarded according to entries.

Light refreshments will be available and a photographer will be present. Parents are welcome to come and watch when the classes are taking place and approximate times when your child is competing can be provided.

Class 1        Pony Club D Level  Equitation Test (walk and trot only) & 1’9” jumping course

Class 2        Pony Club C Level  Equitation Test & 2’0”- 2’3” jumping course

Class 3        Pony Club C Level  Equitation Test & 2’6”- 2’9” jumping course

Class 4        Open Section for Adults C Level Equitation Test & chose between course sizes stated in Class 2 & 3 as       above. This section does not qualify for the Centre League Series or the Best Turned Out Award

LHS Members: £75 Liveries: £30*

* includes discount – all handling by owners.

For further information or to book tel: 01243 530460 email: riding@lhstables.co.uk

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