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Crunchie is one fabulous, cute little bundle of wonderfulness! He has been a confident chap ever since he arrived in lockdown 2021, before joining us he was busy in Ireland taking part in Pony Club activities. He has been a great hit with each jockey that has ridden him and enjoys hacking, going in the… Read more


Gus… as round as he is tall. This little super cob joined our team in 2021 along with the popular, slimmer and much taller Quinton from a local stables. He caught our eye with his kind face and solid conformation. He’s as laid back as they come and takes some encouragement to get going, once… Read more


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Pebbles is possibly one of the cutest, roundest ponies you will ever meet. A good pony for children to move up a level on, he is forward going but can be cheeky so needs a more confident rider. He is good in Level 1 as they have a helper. Pebbles loves cantering and is forward… Read more


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