Lucy Thomson

Lucy Thomson

With two completely separate backgrounds in both business and equestrianism, Lucy combined the two from 1998 when she took over the leasehold of Lavant House Stables, and the business has bloomed consistently ever since.  The freehold was purchased in 2008, with extensive planning permission being granted in 2009 to create a high-end equestrian complex.

Her equestrian background includes three-day-eventing, advanced dressage and grade B show jumping, some of this being under professional sponsorship.  Her primary coaching mentors were The Training the Teachers of Tomorrow Trust and Captain Mark Phillips, with the classically correct methods of these internationally respected training sources being passed on to everyone who develops their riding skills with us here.

Lucy no longer rides due to injury, and sadly has no time now to coach, something she enjoyed enormously in the past, seeing the ongoing development of horse and rider – but does occasionally dressage judge when time permits.  Otherwise, she has the enviable position of running the business, which means desk based, not easy for someone who always wants to be outside, regardless of the weather!

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