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A Conflict of Nature and Urbanisation

A CONFLICT OF NATURE & URBINISATION Recently we have enjoyed some wonderful cold, crisp mornings at Lavant which have been just breathtakingly beautiful. It is spellbinding when Nature decorates this place at her best during the changing seasons; such as the spectacular sunsets we witness and which could easily give the Northern Lights a run… Read more

Let Horses Be Horses

SO, WHERE ARE WE AT? I have been cajoled, bullied and generally put upon by Amelia and Anna to restart these missives as so many people appreciated them during the first lockdown, and especially now we have entered a third one with otherwise not a word from me, and that is if people really are… Read more

Getting Back In The Saddle Part 2

When everything aligns, there’s an alchemy like nothing else between a horse and its rider. I had a few flashes of it in this week’s lesson, and it feels good. Team work makes for good horsemanship; the art of riding, handling, and training horses. As I ease myself back in to the equestrian world, I’ve… Read more


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