Tyler is a bit bigger than most of the small ponies, so can take taller riders. Needs encouragement to get going but once he’s going he’s fine. Awesome at jumping but you need to keep his head up. Can be a little grumpy when asking for canter so don’t smack him on the bottom! A great confidence giver for someone moving off smaller ponies who wants a bit of a challenge, he’s brought on lots of riders. He is not good in the field, as he wants to eat the grass, especially in the Springtime when there is lots of lovely fresh grass, so should only be used for higher levels! Tyler also needs to be handled in a bridle as can get carried away with himself on the way back to his field. He is very comfy bare back but be careful not to touch his withers as it tickles. Good to box, shoe, clip and hack.

Please note: Tyler is only available for loan if to remain at Lavant Equestrian.

Info Details
Status Riding School/For Loan (For loan to suitable Lavant Equestrian member and remain on site only)
Height 13.2 hh
YOB 1993
Gender Gelding
Colour Flea Bitten Grey
Breed New Forest

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