Eddie has been there and done it all, he is no longer in the riding school due to an old injury but can still enjoy a gentle hack. You’ll see him being pampered by one of his 3 carers, lucky boy!

Originally bought for Amelia he gave her enormous confidence, so much so they were often seen jumping the top of the wings! He has instilled this confidence into several other owners who have gone on to ride successfully on their own horses. Eddie has a hind limb lameness that can flare up if he does too much jumping, so his jumping days are now over.

As he has sweet itch, you’ll often see him wearing a balaclava type rug to keep the midges out as soon as the weather turns warm and he likes to keep himself to himself in the field.

Eddie is the first horse or pony we have syndicated to a group of caring loan owners who have all adored him for years – this is to make sure Eddie continues to have a happy and healthy life as he moves on into old age and so he can also claim to have the same type of owners as a racehorse!

Info Details
Status Staff Horse
Height 14 hh
YOB 1997
Gender Gelding
Colour Dun
Breed Connemara
Owner Syndicated to Vikki Robinson, Jacky McPherson & Trudy Gaffney

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