Bramble is a dear little Irish pony, who we discovered was younger than we thought after he arrived.

The video we were sent of him pre-purchase certainly belied his unexpected young age where he was shown to complete testing cross country tracks and having a ball whilst out with one of the Irish hunts.

Very sweet and willing, he is easy to both handle and ride, however we will just go cautiously with him to start with simply because he needs the time to physically mature, even if his training is well ahead of what most ponies are able to accomplish at his age.

He is a really super, robust whilst also quality Irish pony, the type we are always looking for and definitely never sell!



Info Details
Status Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
Height 14hh
YOB 2016
Gender Gelding
Colour Bright Bay
Breed Irish
Owner Lavant Equestrian

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