News from Lucy: Hot topics

News from Lucy: Hot topics

I am writing this on the most unbelievably hottest day of the year, temperature sitting at 32 degrees C as I also open latest newsup a package containing lightweight coats that have been delivered to the office for the staff, ordered last Friday due to the unusually miserable weather during July.  Well I don’t think the staff will be needing these jackets for a while, or you never know, by next week they may be the number one required item again! . Today it is definitely a swimming pool we need.  However no such a luxury for us, although one of the largest containers we had was filled with water on the pretext for washing down the horses, but by lunchtime Karl was in it – and not voluntarily!

Last week saw the final day of our neighbour Lavant House School and the reason I came here in the first place.  Arriving here back in 1998 to help sort out a problem with the equestrian unit, I found myself staying and my daughter Amelia attending the school from the age of 4, which she did until she was 18.  Whilst we may have separated with the school in 2007, our affinity  runs deep and it is a very sad day indeed to realise that it will no longer operate in this function.  Whatever this Grade II listed house and its ancillary buildings will be doing in future remains anyone’s guess at this moment in time.

This week saw the start of the children’s holiday programme proper, with Anna doing a fabulous job with the set-up, followed by acting out the plans to the letter which means lots of very happy children enjoying this first week’s camp.  What to do whilst working in the heat (for staff, horse and client) is so drummed into the guys here that the children are probably the safest and healthiest they can be anywhere in an outdoor and energetic activity in unusually hot weather

latest newsNext week may prove a bit more of a challenge with an overflowing Pony Club Camp taking place over five days.  Ably organised by Polly, to be run by Gemma throughout the week, this one is focussed on the Prince Phillip Cup – which is basically “official” gymkhana games that can lead to the qualifying teams competing at the Horse of the Year Show and Olympia.  Hopefully it will cool down a bit next week so we can practise these games out in the fields instead of in the indoor school …..

…… And isn’t this the odd one?  First off, I never thought I would be so grateful for an indoor school in June – which indoor riding school emptysaved us on several occasions during several episodes of monsoon rainfall.  And then in July, but for the reason the Mediterranean countries need covered horse riding buildings – to keep the sun out.  Going in there to ride resulted in a 10 degree C temperature drop – definitely recommended! Until next time Lucy

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