This quality, good looking horse belies his elegance as he must be one of the safest, most straightforward horses to ride.  With the most lovely of temperaments, he treasures any attention and affection that comes his way.

If you want to look good on a horse, feel 100% safe but also be able to deliver the goods with higher level work, this is the horse for you.   This is a horse that happily does whatever task you set of him, his weakest phase at the moment is jumping, but as this is one of our strongest points, teaching horses to jump with confidence and ability, we doubt it will be long until this discipline too joins all the others he does so well.

Info Details
Status Elite Livery
Height 15.2 hh
YOB 2009
Gender Gelding
Colour Dark Brown
Breed Three-Quarters Thoroughbred x Irish Draught
Owner Sam Knight

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