Donkey Diary – So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen… EeeOORE!

Donkey Diary – So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen… EeeOORE!

Dear Donkey Diary,

This is more of a postcard than a diary entry because as you may have noticed – I have moved! Its all fun and games stuffing your face 24/7, but as it turned out, the free-range life didn’t suit me so well after all. I’ve been told by the yard staff that I was getting too fat and it was hurting my poor feet, so to serve them right for being rude about my curvy figure I’ve upped sticks and gone to the Donkey Sanctuary, taking Diesel with me (so I don’t have to stop at a gas station… HA geddit?).

But don’t you worry about me – I have a special party trick that is sure to win me friends and admirers at my new home. You may not know this, but I am a leading limbo champion.  Before I went away I mentioned this to Polo, who was chatting to me over his field fence, and the rude so-and-so laughed and told me he was an egg and spoon race champion.  As I stood there in disbelief Fatty (a.k.a Diesel) shuffled up to me and muttered to me that he thought Polo was being sarcastic.  I’ll show him, I thought, and I told Polo (who had gone back to stuffing his face with grass) that I would limbo under his field fence to prove it. Well, he nearly choked on his grass when I shimmied under the fence, straightened up, flicked my mane and gave him a wink for good measure. I was allowed to share some of his hay after that and all of the ponies started gushing and saying hello whenever they saw me.

Before we left I taught some of my pony friends how to write, so watch this space for more diary entries soon! I would just like to warn everyone as well that there may be a few bulbs I didn’t manage to pull up before I left, so if you see an odd coloured plant coming out of a pot make sure you eat it pronto. The colour scheme is GREEN guys – not yellow, and definitely not purple. I’m sure the Donkey Sanctuary will appreciate my gardening talents more than you lot did. Looks to me like their colour scheme is brown! So I best get to work on all of that grass…

Lots of love,

Friday (and Diesel) xxxxx

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