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Helena’s Canadian Adventure – Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of my International Exchange Write Up. In this instalment I’ll be covering the actual competition. Saturday 7th dawned bright and early. Miraculously I managed to actually eat breakfast, before we started the Written Test. 2.5 hours in exam condition answering questions like the 7 below, was certainly an interesting experience! Sink… Read more

Helena’s Canadian Adventure – Part 1

Well, I’m back from Canada and am completely knackered and jet lagged! Apologies for having not posted in a long while, the run up to go to Canada was a flurry of revision, packing and skipping around in general excitement! I thought I’d split the final report over a couple of posts, as there is… Read more

Helena’s Blog – the Canadian Quiz Format!

An exciting development at the end of last month was that I now know who is making up the Great Britain team. Congratulations and shout out to my team mates Georgia Stanton (fellow Area 13 Centre Member), Lucy Stammers and Victoria Hargreaves, both Branch members. We already started chatting and getting to know each other,… Read more

Helena’s Blog – The National Quiz Finals

The National Quiz has to be, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most fun weekends we get to do as Pony Club members. Whilst the actual competition was on Sunday 2nd April, we all travelled up on the Saturday and stayed in a hotel in Buckingham. Saturday afternoon saw us trying to… Read more

Helena’s International Exchange – The Selection Process…

Hello, and welcome to my International Exchange blog I’m going to be putting up once a month. For those of you who don’t know who I am (which is probably most people) my name is Helena and I have been a member of the Lavant Equestrian Pony Club Centre since 2005. I started riding at… Read more


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