News from Lucy: Hot topics

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I am writing this on the most unbelievably hottest day of the year, temperature sitting at 32 degrees C as I also open up a package containing lightweight coats that have been delivered to the office for the staff, ordered last Friday due to the unusually miserable weather during July.  Well I don’t think the… Read more

Donkey Diary: New Des Res

donkey diary

Two Stroke and Diesel get a new house!   Dear Donkey Diary – Well, it’s been a while! I have got a good excuse though – Diesel & I have been busy moving house! Have you noticed that huge building that has sprung up opposite the car park? You might be a bit confused about… Read more

Clare’s Pony Diary: Storm-vs-Storm

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Writing this diary wrapped in a rug after a hot bath and a hot chocolate, you wouldn’t guess it was supposed to be summer! And we certainly have had some extraordinary weather over the last few weeks. Not least was the spectacular downpour and thunderstorm that accompanied the second of the Lavant Equestrian evening dressage… Read more

News from Lucy: Going places

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The English ALWAYS talk about the weather, so not to disappoint ……. So to our latest news – what a strange summer this has been with torrential rain, the like of which has not been seen before. My guys were trying to bring horses in from the fields with water pouring over the top of… Read more

News from Lucy: Where to start?

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This is always a busy time of year for us at Lavant Equestrian, but even more so it appears in 2016.  We have the first stage completion of the new super-facility of the indoor school – still loads to do and we remain a bit perplexed how best to fit this fabulous facility into our… Read more

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