Donkey Diary: Surviving attempted murder!

donkey diary

Donkey Diary: Two-Stroke and Diesel – Surviving attempted murder! Hold on to your hat because I have a very shocking story for you this week! The other day I was standing in the yard minding my own business, when I saw Lucy slowly reversing the horse lorry towards me. With my rather large ears I… Read more

Clare’s Pony Diary: A very jumping focussed month!

Has anyone else noticed how much darker the mornings are these days? I went on holiday for a week and came back to find that I was suddenly getting up in the dark. It seems odd to say it when we’re enjoying such wonderful hot weather, but autumn is definitely round the corner. So we… Read more

Donkey Diary: Extra treats, winter pj’s & grumpy girlfriends!

donkey diary

Dear Donkey Diary – Diesel and I have been up to LOADS of mischief this week! Our biggest achievement of the week was probably eating the entire box of treats from the arenas not once, but twice! The first time we did it Vicky found us standing smugly next to an empty box, and she… Read more

News from Lucy: Horsey happenings & goings on

Children’s Summer Fun A huge well done to Kelly and Polly for organising the 2016 Pony Club Camp and to Gemma for overseeing it, keeping everything running smoothly and making sure everyone stayed safe and had a really fun time.  Well done team – 24 children have just had a week they will remember for… Read more

Donkey Days: Two Stroke & Diesel love the Summer Holidays!

donkey diary

Dear Donkey diary: The summer holidays have begun! Loads of kids came to see me last Monday pretending that they were here for a ‘Pony Owning Day’. They actually came hoping for a ‘Donkey Owning Day’, which is a much better idea (obviously). I think the humans just call it a Pony Owning Day so… Read more

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