Donkey Diary: Guess what I’m still alive!

donkey diary

Two-Stroke’s life flashes before his eyes! Guess what? I’m alive! And, yes, that does come as a surprise to anyone who saw me on Friday! When I woke up in the morning I did feel a little peculiar. I was hobbling along to the office to tell them I would be taking a sick day… Read more

Clare’s Pony Diary: First ever RED ROSETTE

The most exciting news this month has to be Storm’s new purple rugs. Purple clearly wasn’t on-trend last year as my hours of internet trawling proved, but it’s now definitely the new black! Storm certainly looks very smart and hasn’t even managed to rip them yet, which must mean he approves. OK actually, the biggest… Read more

Donkey Diary: Is it wrong to steal a bunch of bananas?

donkey diary

Donkey Diary: How to get away with trespass, theft and vandalism! Is it wrong to steal a bunch of bananas if the donkey in question is starving to death? I’d been pondering this age old question, well, I didn’t ponder for long, as the answer is obvious! I’m completely justified in my antics this week…. Read more

News from Lucy: Activities galore

latest news

Latest News: With eight weeks of successful summer holidays now behind us, it is time to look forward to what we can do for our adult client base, whilst also congratulating the team for carrying out a progressive and exciting programme for our children during the past few weeks.  In particular we have to thank… Read more

Latest News from Lucy Thomson coming soon

Latest News from Lucy Thomson – coming shortly

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