Donkey Diary: Back to my mischievous self

You’ll be pleased to hear that I am almost back to my mischievous self, on a lower dose of medicine but happy. Loving that my meals are now ‘all you can eat’, I managed to wolf down 6 the other day, with teeth (or lack of) like mine that is impressive! Unlike my round pony… Read more

Clare’s Pony Diary – Smart new tack for Storm

Clare's pony diary

Why did I buy (another) white pony? Not that you get much choice these days at Lavant Equestrian! – not sure what the proportion is but I’m definitely losing count. This morning I spent a couple of hours grooming, washing his tail and shampooing off all the mud. Storm looked lovely – I on the… Read more

Summer Programme in full swing at Lavant Equestrian

We’re off to Ireland next week Amelia & I, searching for more horses and ponies for Lavant Equestrian, with a long list of “wants” from various people. This does not always happen as we will only ever buy what we think is suitable for our riding school, because if all else fails they have a… Read more

Donkey Diary: Playing cards and being on deaths door…

donkey diary

Dear diary, I have been up to some serious mischief recently, after the vet appallingly stated that she didn’t think I would “go on much longer” how rude, can you believe it? Me, pfft, seriously, what does a vet know, I am a spring chicken. I like to fool everyone into thinking I am on… Read more

Clare’s Diary: Livery Life at Lavant Equestrian

Tintin & I have been working very hard at Lavant Equestrian over the past few weeks. Sometimes wonder which of us is working harder but there certainly seems to be an improvement with his teenage tantrums, and we’re slowly getting closer to establishing who’s in charge (me-at times). In fact we’ve had some really good… Read more

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