Month: May 2017

Catherine’s 100 rides at Lavant Equestrian!

I’ve just ridden for my 100th time at Lavant Equestrian! In August 2015, more nervous than a very nervous person, I had my ‘initial assessment’ session in a torrential rainstorm.  Vicky Caley popped me on Roo (don’t you love Roo?), disarmed me with encouraging noises while I bounced gamely around the long arena in the… Read more

Helena’s Blog – The National Quiz Finals

The National Quiz has to be, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most fun weekends we get to do as Pony Club members. Whilst the actual competition was on Sunday 2nd April, we all travelled up on the Saturday and stayed in a hotel in Buckingham. Saturday afternoon saw us trying to… Read more


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