Month: September 2016

News from Lucy: Activities galore

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Latest News: With eight weeks of successful summer holidays now behind us, it is time to look forward to what we can do for our adult client base, whilst also congratulating the team for carrying out a progressive and exciting programme for our children during the past few weeks.Β  In particular we have to thank… Read more

Latest News from Lucy Thomson coming soon

Latest News from Lucy Thomson – coming shortly

Donkey Diary: Surviving attempted murder!

donkey diary

Donkey Diary: Two-Stroke and Diesel – Surviving attempted murder! Hold on to your hat because I have a very shocking story for you this week! The other day I was standing in the yard minding my own business, when I saw Lucy slowly reversing the horse lorry towards me. With my rather large ears I… Read more

Clare’s Pony Diary: A very jumping focussed month!

Has anyone else noticed how much darker the mornings are these days? I went on holiday for a week and came back to find that I was suddenly getting up in the dark. It seems odd to say it when we’re enjoying such wonderful hot weather, but autumn is definitely round the corner. So we… Read more


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